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The mathematical underpinnings of the U-Prove technology have been published in the book “Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates; Building in Privacy,” authored by Dr. Stefan Brands and published by The MIT Press in August 2000 (ISBN 0-262-02491-8, first edition) with a foreword by professor Ronald L. Rivest. The MIT Press has kindly granted us the permission to make the book contents available for free download, subject to the following copyright notice.

Copyright notice

You are hereby permitted to retrieve, print, and store a single copy of the entire book contents as made available here, for personal use only. This permission does not extend to producing hard copies or electronic copies for (1) general distribution, (2) promotion, (3) creating works, (4) resale, or (5) any uses other than academic or personal use, nor does it extend to making the book contents available yourself.

Contents for download

All files are in Adobe PDF format. Please read the copyright notice before downloading any of the files.

How to order a hard copy

A hard copy can be ordered from, among others, the following bookstores online:


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