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Credentica is dedicated to protecting your privacy when you visit our Web site at This privacy statement describes our practices with regard to the collection, use, and disclosure of information about you as you interact with our Web site.

Personal information. Personal information is any information about you that enables us or a third party to ascertain your unique identity as a natural person. For example, your mailing address and name are personal information, but your personal preferences are not (unless accompanied by, or uniquely linkable to, information that enables identification). Our policy with respect to the collection of personal information when you visit our site as a general visitor (as opposed to an authorized user of our access-restricted Web pages) is as follows:

  • We only collect personal information about you that you voluntarily share with us when contacting us.

  • We keep any personal information that you voluntarily share with us strictly confidential and use it only for the purpose for which you make it available to us, unless with your explicit consent or where Credentica is compelled by law to do otherwise.

Non-identifiable information. When you visit our Web site, we automatically collect information about your visit that does not enable us or anyone else to identify you as a natural person. We use this non-identifiable information to satisfy Web technological requirements and to distill usage and broad demographic statistics that help us improve our Web site and our understanding of specific interests in our solutions. We do not collect or use this information for commercial target marketing purposes. Our policy with respect to the collection of non-identifiable information is as follows:

  • When you visit our site, we may collect and use any of the following non-identifiable information that your browser by default transparently exchanges with our Web server: the name of the Internet domain you are coming from; your browser type and operating system; your IP address; and the address of any site that led you to our Web site. (Your IP address in some cases that we cannot discern may qualify as personal information, depending on your communication method and the practices of your ISP or domain host, but we only use IP addresses to resolve domain names and countries of origin.)

  • During your visit to our site, we may collect and use which Web pages or services you access; the date and time of each access; the menu items and other hyperlinks you click within our site as you move around; any keywords that you type into our search engine; and the Web site you visit as you leave our site.

  • The only cookies we may place on your computer are session cookies that store non-identifiable information for the purpose of facilitating your navigation on our Web site. When you close your browser, these cookies are removed from memory.












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